The church and school shall have a racially nondiscriminatory policy and therefore, shall not discriminate against members, applicants, students, and others on the basis of race, color or national or ethnic origin.

Faith Christian Academy is open to all students of any race, color, or ethnic group so long as they meet the following qualifications:


  1. At least one parent must be a born again Christian.  We prefer that both parents be saved and that the student has made a profession of faith.
  2. All prospective students and parents must be interviewed by the Senior Pastor and Principal and be approved by the administration.
  3. All required paperwork must be completed prior to admission. This includes registration form, statement of cooperation, waiver of liability, standard of conduct and financial agreement. We will also need on file a copy of the child’s birth certificate, health exam, and immunization form. Transcripts from previous school may also be required.
  4. A diagnostic test (placement test) is required by all students transferring from another school.
  5. All students transferring from another school are admitted on a conditional basis until all transcripts and records have been received and reviewed by the administration.
  6. A student transferring from another Christian school who has left an outstanding tuition balance will not be allowed to enroll until that prior obligation has been met.
  7. Every year, every student must submit an application for re-enrollment. The administrative committee of Faith Christian Academy has the right to deny admission or re-enrollment to any student that, in the opinion of the administration does not fit in the spirit and purpose of Faith Christian Academy.  Re-enrollment is not guaranteed.
  8. Students entering Kindergarten must be five (5) years of age by September 1.
  9. ALL” parents will attend “Parent Orientation” on the Saturday morning before school starts each new school year. Orientation will be noted on the school’s calendar.  Attendance is mandatory.

Application for Prospective Students


This form is for prospective students only. Completion of the form does not enroll the student at FCA. The prospective application only allows the administration to attain information on students/families who are interested in being a part of Faith Christian Academy. The application must be completed in its entirety and submitted for further processing.


Faith Christian Academy utilizes the Gradelink EnrollMe portal for enrollment into our school. If you are a new parent and a Gradelink account has not been created, please fill out our prospective student form first. Once accepted, an enrollment account must be created for access to enrollment. Click the link on the left to create a new account. If you are a returning parent and wish to enroll/re-enroll, click the link and sign-in as normal.


Students at Faith Christian Academy can be awarded a variety of scholarships through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC). This scholarship is an income-based scholarship provided by Step Up For Students which can be found here